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This Fox of Mine

"This Fox of Mine" is now available and is getting great reviews!

Here's a little taste.....

This is a story about a fox, but not just an ordinary fox, a unique and intelligent fox. As a rule foxes are very intelligent but this fox seemed to enjoy learning and figuring things out more than any of my other foxes. He is not my first fox and he is not likely to be my last. He’s my “heathen brat child” or my “permanent 2 year old” as I affectionately call him on a regular basis, “Rascal” to everyone else.
On this day as I lay on the floor next to my buddy, bathing in the warm sunshine streaming through the large picture window and gently brushing his silky black and silver fur, I pull soft little tufts of fuzz from his undercoat as the spring shedding process begins. A soft growl from deep in his throat signals I have hit the “right spot” and he closes his eyes, I know this won’t last long so I enjoy every second of our companionship. As I stroke his long body with the cat’s slicker brush, he falls asleep and dreams of his next adventure. .........

See more when you order your copy and learn about all of our foxy adventures.

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"This Fox of Mine" by K.L.Waggoner.
available  for $12.97 @ http://sbpra.com/KLWaggoner/

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